Where do we start ?

Apart from the way it looks – which probably brought you here – there’s a few unique features:

  • Duty period continuously adjustable between 400-1500 tpd (turns per day).
  • Short bursts winding, more closely mimics the rhythm of your wrist and is gentler on the mainspring
  • Selectable bi-directional or uni-directional (CW or CCW) winding
  • Completely silent running
  • Greatly simplified drive system for greater reliability
  • Twin watch capability
  • Watch holders with padded Alcantara covers (shortly, several colors to choose from)
  • Unique automotive inspired aesthetics

How much winding do you need ?

No other winder offers you such a wide range of duty period, allowing it to adapt not only to any watch requirements, but also to your preferences: do you want your watches to remain fully winded, lightly, or on a half-charge ?

On the Twincam winder, your watches rotate at an angle from vertical (30º), instead of siting on a vertical plane. There’s a reason for this… By not being completely vertical, there’s a point where the mainspring resistance to winding will be enough to overcome the force exerted by the rotor, when the watch is spinning.

In this way, your own watch will avoid being over-wounded ever. It also means that the turns-per-day (TPD) that the winder is providing will not translate 100% into rotor spins. You will have to try different settings until you’re happy with the amount of winding provided. Remember, you don’t need a watch to be fully wounded when you decide to wear it. You just need it to be kept spinning.

Our unique watch holders or claws

In most watch winders, the claws that hold your beloved watches in place, are frequently the parts that the engineers forgot to engineer, and often not up to the standards of the rest. Not with us.

Our holders feature a four sided claw, with the internal surfaces covered in 3mm Neoprene. The claws are then “dressed” with Alcantara covers, providing a soft and resistant surface to support your watches without harming them.

Finally, for better support, the watch strap or bracelet is wound over a cylindrical “pillow” also covered in Neoprene and Alcantara, thus ensuring a snug fit for no extraneous noises when spinning.

How does it look ?

A unique look, at once functional and elegant, which takes its cues from racing engines, both through the shapes and the materials used. Full of unique details, and you can even choose whether you want the frame with a polished or brushed finish.

Brushed or polished ?

Either one looks great, but the choice is yours !

How silent is it ?

Check for yourself…

Why did we named it the Twincam ?

There was really no other way, as the inspiration came from noticing cam and belt covers from a very diverse assortment of engines – Alfa, Honda, Lamborghini – where the DOHC (Double overhead twin cam) arrangement was predominant. They provided the inspiration for this novel watch winder design, so the naming was a given.