We’re a small outfit, filled with enthusiasm for quality, integrity and thoroughness. We started with watch winders  and the Twincam is our first offering, and quite a unique one as you’ll see.

Here, at Zeitgeräte we aim to develop watch accessories that appeal to whoever appreciates fine mechanical pieces. Beautiful, quality rugged parts are used throughout. Reliability and longevity are absolutely paramount to us.

Where are we ?


No, were not in Tuscany or Alentejo, but rather in the outskirts of Lisboa, Portugal. However, pictures of apartment buildings don’t carry so much appeal…



Will we be here in 20 years ? We hope so, but we can’t promise. However, our products will surely be and most probably in working condition. Our design and assembly processes never loses focus on longevity and reliability. We want our products to last for a looong time – planned obsolescence is alien to us.

However if they fail, we or others can fix it – never throw them away !